I am always happy to take commissions and custom orders! Some pieces are large enough or have such complex decoration that I don't keep a stock of them around but love to make them.  Sometimes you might want a special design or particular glaze.  Sometimes I simply don't have any remaining items of a certain kind.  I gladly take custom orders on things that I don't keep in stock or have unusual symbology that you would like. Custom orders require half of payment when we finalize your design, and the other half before shipping the completed piece.

I also take pre-orders! I attend LARPs and festivals/craft shows all over the place, and if I am going to be near you, you can select a piece from the website or pre-order a custom piece to be delivered at the event. By pre-ordering before a LARP or festival, you can guarantee that not only will I have the pieces you want, but they won't sell out before you get there.  Pre-orders require half of payment when you make the order, and the other half when you pick up your piece.

I am a Celto-Animistic Pagan, and I can put Work into some pieces intended for sacred or ritualistic use, including handfasting sets.  All sacred pieces will need to be ordered custom, as I will be creating a sacred space to throw in, as well as throwing with the necessary intent for the intended use of the piece. I would be happy to help you in the creation of sacred vessels or ritual tools/implements for your altar.  Blessed be.



Please leave a basic description of the work you're looking for.  Most important details are form (mug, bowl, feast kit, etc), size, and the glaze treatment or decorative flourish you are seeking.

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