Hi, I’m Nicole!  I have always been fascinated by history and the artifacts that people who lived long before us left behind.  I think I truly fell in love with ceramics when I discovered that sometimes ancient pottery has the fingerprints of the potters who made it fired into the clay.  I’ve experienced holding an ancient piece of pottery a few times now, fitting my fingers over the fingerprints of those long-ago potters, and each time has felt like a direct connection to the past. Sometimes I imagine a future potter fitting her fingers into the marks mine have left behind, wondering who I was and I feel like a link in the grand chain of history.

I make functional pottery, bowls and cups and plates designed for daily use and enjoyment because I don’t want to just make mugs, I want to make peoples’ favorite mugs. The one that you fill with cocoa on a cold winter afternoon, or iced tea while sitting out on a hot summer evening; the one that fits your hand just right. All of my pieces, even the decorative ones, are made to withstand the stresses of daily life. Each piece is individually glazed with an eye towards choosing glazes and colors that enhance the forms I used in my work.

My historical pieces are thoroughly researched and that research is melded with modern materials to create reproductions that are equally at home on your kitchen table, in the office, at a LARP, or in a reenactor setting.